At DITEXMED, we offer a wide range of products for children and youth. We update our collections regularly, modifying designs and packaging to offer the best quality and most trendy product lines on the market.


Our seasonal, Spring through Summer and Autumn through Winter collections are divided into the following age groups:


    Baby clothing (0-36 months)

    Clothing for children (2-7 years)

    Youth clothing (8-16 years)

    Men's and women's clothing


At DITEXMED we care about our customers, we listen to them and we know how to work for them, because they are our future. We are professionals at your service, we have to learn from them and we are open and receptive to it.




Taking into account the age range of the recipients of our products, the degree of self-demand in the quality control of all kinds of details in the manufacture of our garments is very strict, carrying out periodic audits in the manufacturing processes in the dependencies of our suppliers.


A DITEXMED garment has been manufactured to be attractive, but also and most importantly it is designed for your comfort, it has to be a product to feel comfortable and free, for a moment or for a lifetime.




We control all manufacturing stages, from the choice of raw materials to the use of dye products, such as the added value of the garment, designing and manufacturing a customized packaging for each of them.




Our offices in China, Turkey and India involve product regulation by the Spanish offices, are in charge of controlling all products that are in production, maintain rigorous quality controls of each garment so that it can be shipped perfectly to Spain.


Once in Spain the garment is subjected to a second control so that all the merchandise can be sent correctly and perfectly to our final client.


These quality controls consist of the fact that the garment obtains a stability after the washing, resistance of the colors and consistency in the use, being in its entirety duly verified for its commercialization and distribution with all the guarantees demanded by the Company.




At DITEXMED we are aware of the problems that plague our planet, for this reason we work on some specific collections, developed entirely with organic cotton, which is the cotton that plantations respects nature, to the detriment of their productivity, but apart from the benefits it brings to the Earth, also has some benefits on the skin of babies, which as we know is very delicate, and we want to protect it.


Using organic cotton, you get a pure fabric that helps to protect the environment and eliminates any contact of the skin with chemical residues.




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